[Dillo-dev] No edit/delete/report Buttons in Some phpBB Forums

miro.rovis at croatiafidelis.hr miro.rovis at croatiafidelis.hr
Thu May 14 19:40:00 CEST 2015

I've been using dillo for my regular browsing for a few weeks longer than from
when I started the thread:

Secure: yes, Though Features Missing; and Bugs

on dillo mailing list, and I'd like to help at least occasionally with the
sole kind of contribution that I can offer: reporting like those in that link,
as I'm not a developer, and can program very little only.

I have a new one report. on issue that I only mentioned (and wouldn't know how
to solve back then) over at:

Grsecurity/Pax installation on Debian GNU/Linux

But I can try and tell more about it as I saw the same missing edit and delete
buttons in:


where, to verify it, one would need to register, I believe.

And while that registering on a specialized tool forum can take a few hours or
more time to get the maintainer's approval, true, I believe it is the same
kind of missing functionality and in the Debian Forums, so I guess one can
verify this behavior by, if they are not, registering into Debian Forums.

I have noticed the same edit and delete buttons missing in Debian Forums too,
and I choose the Sleuthkit Forum, because I'm currently posting on it, and can
accomplish this report with much more ease then on Debian where I am done with
my posts for some time.

I have a slow and lengthy (and tiring: too advanced for me) topic on Sleuthkit

An Avi Video Recovery with SleuthKit 

and I have actually managed to edit my posts, and I managed to delete one (only
the post not replied to can be deleted on Sleutkit Forum). But not by clicking
on the respective icons, as they don't show in dillo.

But by issuing Ctrl-U to open the source of the page while logged in and
having my topic opened in my dillo browser and searching for the right
(relative) link under the icon 'edit-icon' or 'delete-icon' and reconstructing
the right page, because that was the only way to do it. I did search
thoroughly, and no link, even on empty surfaces, did I manage to detect under
the mouse (as I didn't in Debian Forums either).

This is how I found it, after saving the source for the page, which is still
opened for me since I posted on it, and where I deleted the last misposted

The page was (and will not remain available under that exact address):

Re: An Avi Video Recovery with SleuthKit
(which is Page 2 of 2 of the topic; for those who will try elsewhere, or who
just want to get the jist reading this without trying, this is the topic page
but that one has, surely no edit or delete -icon(s))

I saved it as:

SK_150514-10_pg2_src.php ('10' because it's post 10 of the topic, 150514 is
for 2015-05-14)

and, for deleting, which is quicker to show, since it can be only one instance
found, only the last post:

cat /Cmn/dLo/SK_150514-10_pg2_src.php  | grep delete-icon | \
	sed 's/\&/\&/g'

and that gives, in this case (surely anyone would need their own current
address given by the forum phpBB, but this is the principle, and even I as the
same miroRR user will still get a different one variant of the string
'sid=...' for the same page the next time), [and that gives, in this case:]

</pre><tr><td bgcolor='#DD7F32'>238<td><pre>					<li
title="Edit post"><span>Edit post</span></a></li><li
title="Delete post"><span>Delete post</span></a></li><li
title="Report this post"><span>Report this
post</span></a></li><li class="quote-icon"><a
title="Reply with quote"><span>Reply with quote</span></a></li>

(When grep'ing 'edit-icon', 'report-icon' or 'quote-icon' there would be two
founds for each, as there are two posts.)

in one line, however, but surely I prefer my Vim setting it to the usual 79
colums width, so readers in the mailing list would not have trouble viewing it
as one line (I have mercy on my poor brothers in *nix ;-) ).

Surely, if I will have to post this text on Gentoo Forums [*] and [**] and
[***], case shown to be that this e-mail just does not send by the absolute
joyous great provider of mine, urgh!, I will rather set it to around 110-120
colums width...

But from that HTML code, I figured out from this segment:


that if I wanted to delete that post, I would change the address from what it
looked like into:


And indeed, after hitting Enter on that address I was asked for confirmation
and was able to delete the post.

There are also strings to use for changing the same address into the one that
would accomplish editing that post:


reporting that post:


and quoting that post:


None of those icons, however, show in dillo for me.

This is about the whole report, as I can't even dedicate time to follow the
suggestion be kind unixer eocene:

Secure: yes, Though Features Missing; and Bugs

and get my fonts sorted in dillo...

since even the regular maintainance of my system during a data recovery work
is already schedule completely exhausted, let alone DIY compilations.

[*] I'll post this, in case it is not sent to dillo ML by my provider, on
Gentoo Forums where I have anyway been planning for some time the idea to open
a topic on browsers and really recommend dillo, as the its being so sea-calm
secure when compared with the big surveillor browsers outweighs the missing
features such as the lack of javascript and poor support for CSS, so this
would fit on Gentoo Forums.

[**] And I'll open a special section for suspected censored e-mails of mine,
at http://www.CroatiaFidelis.hr/foss/cenz/ . However, uncenzorizing is a lot
of work, it's in the order of a tenfold work than non-censored free e-mail
correspondence, so I'll do it, I hope, some time in the future.

[***] START
Speaking of big surveillor browsers, I usually have issues with dillo right
after I use one of those: the SchmoogleMoz Fox (but freely replace it with any
of the other big ones and the potential for harm like below is there!).
I had to use it, because the freaking Croatian corporate robber Zagrebačka
banka at www.zaba.hr require the use of javascript for internet banking...
And that certainly is an issue, the requirement of javascript and
privacy/intrusion/surveillance issues, which requirement and these issues is
what I want to open the topic on Gentoo on for, and which would be great that
dillo managed, with some also, hopefully, speaking as an incompetent but
wishful observer --incompetent because not really a programmer-- with some
also new honest young hackers/developers' blood to join in among the current
herd of dillo developers [[ the work needed is huuuge ]] -- I'm dreaming,
brothers, dreaming of a free unsurveilled surfing available for many; dillo
looks really really closest to that accomplishment in the field of today's
computing which is the sole island in all of computing with potential to be
unsurveilled and free users of it therefore not controlled, and which [the
sole island] is the FOSS *nix, from BSD variants to Linux variants...
And so I had to use the SchmoogleFox, and lo and behold, certain stuff in
dillo would not work after the bout of only some ten (10) minutes of the
Schfox use. Such as I wasn't able to accomplish anything with either Ctrl-U
nor right mouse click > View page source. Dillo would crash immediately.

Updated my Gentoo from my local mirror (it's kernel 4 now in Gentoo ;-) !!)
( see my topic:
Air-Gapped Gentoo Install, Tentative
and links therefrom, such as to cloning system, a part-topic in:
Postfix smtp/TLS, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, Censorship/Intrusion
for how to always be able to get renewable clean system even after intrusions

and all now works.
END [***] 
All links in this message checked and all I have found to be live before

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
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