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Fri Jul 10 06:16:12 CEST 2015

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 12:55:33AM +0200, v4hn wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> thanks for the great project. :-)
> It is awesome to have a graphical browser at ones hand
> that starts up in less than a second
> and still supports most of the stuff I need.
> Now, for quite some time I've been using dillo to read news
> on http://www.heise.de and it has always annoyed me
> that some of the images on the main page are weirdly scaled.
> Because these images are of size 160x90 but are scaled to
> what feels like 98% of the window's width, they are barely recognizable
> and distracting.
Right: The images on: http://www.heise.de are not scaled as they should
be, and there is probably a lot of layout missing. I don't even want to
fire up Firefox or some other big browser to look it (I so much hate
their harvesting of data) up, but it's so probably the case...

> Now with the new release out which still shows this behaviour,
> I thought I'd ask whether someone's got an idea what the problem
> might be in this case. Because I'm not at all familiar with the dillo
> source code and/or the resp. web standards I didn't dare to debug
> this myself up to now.
> Would be absolutely awesome if someone could have a look at it,
> v4hn

(Not a dev myself, just a very keen supporter.) But I'm almost certain,
that is a CSS issue. If you look at the Dillo homepage, and search for
CSS, and opne the link:
there is more about it.

Even some big browsers (forgot really exactly which one; was it Opera?,
as I had read about it a few months ago, and the big count on the
fingers on one hand only, hardly more, in the world) had stumbled a
little on the implementation of CSS. Go look CSS3 standard on the
and especially, Lord, there's the Level 4 now coming:

CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 4

That must be an awful lot of work for developers to _implement_!
(I had better go quiet for a while, I've been a little too talkative in
the past week... ;-) )


P.S. I can't help elaborating a little. The dev power of the big (see
above) grows on their servise to surveillance subjects (see the
harvesting mentioned above... the STASI's of the world... the tax payers
moneys secretly flowing...). Dillo is the strongest among the honest
browsers that don't lie to users.
Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
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