[Dillo-dev] Fonts not found issue persists in 3.0.5

miroslav.rovis1 at zg.ht.hr miroslav.rovis1 at zg.ht.hr
Thu Jul 9 22:19:11 CEST 2015

See this issue below?

On Tue, Jul 07, 2015 at 09:29:18AM +0200, miroslav.rovis1 at zg.ht.hr wrote:
> I got the new Dillo version 3.0.5 (in the master air-gapped box, which I
> yet have to clone onto this, for online, same hardware box), as it is
> available in gentoo:
> https://sources.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/gentoo-x86/www-client/dillo/
> but my problem with fonts (the FAQ issue
> http://www.dillo.org/FAQ.html#q27), to which eocene has kindly given the
> tip for in his message:
> http://lists.dillo.org/pipermail/dillo-dev/2015-April/010500.html

And we thought:
> For people reading this message offline, I'll paste his advice, since it is
> also important:
> If you go to dw/fltkplatform.cc and, in FltkFont::initSystemFonts(),
> remove the leading underscore in
>    _MSG("Found font: %s%s%s\n", name, t & FL_BOLD ? " bold" : "",
> to get
>    MSG("Found font: %s%s%s\n", name, t & FL_BOLD ? " bold" : "",
> and recompile, what does dillo say when you run it?

But we were wrong! And it was only something an unimaginative person
like me can be capable of not figuring out despite urgent need and
sincere desire because of that urgent need (my eyes have been hurting
from the fixed not-much-more-than ASCII font that was all I've seen in,
what?, a few months?

We were wrong! It only needed that the fltk be recompiled with, guess
what?, with the the XFT font renederer!

That was the sole missing thing.

So, on my Gentoo, it's probably sufficient to simply,

# cat >> /etc/portage/package.use
x11-libs/fltk xft

[[ -->

But I preferred:
# cat >> /etc/portage/package.use
x11-libs/fltk opengl doc examples xft
www-client/dillo gif ipv6 jpeg png ssl doc

--> ]]


# emerge -tuvDN dillo

which then first renstalls fltk, and then reinstalls dillo, and I get
the fonts which I set in the ~/.dillo/dillorc, and, esp. they are
scalable to my heart's content!

> And I was saying that that problem I still have in my 3.0.5.
> I hoped it would have been solved, but since it hasn't been, for me who
> am not really a developer, to go and recompile means first get (finally,
> it's been waiting for me since long) a little really deeper and dirty
> with the Gentoo ebuild system, and, basically compile my own ebuild...
> or...

I'll be going the ebuild way just the same, because I want to be able to
get to know this really lean and mean browser. Too many things still
missing... I can't wait to see CSS3 implemented, and those floats
and all! (No, not impatient in a nervous way, it's a delightful
expectation for me.)
> Or get Gentoo developers to do it for all of the Dillo Gentoo users.
I think I am going to file a very angry (no, not really, our devs are
overwrought and as unimaginative, many of them, as I am)...

But I think I am going to file a bug on Gentoo Bugzilla about this!
(But if anybody can tell a reason that justifies the xft use flag not
being the default, pls. do tell me... in which case my filing the bug
would not make sense; I don't see such reason though.)

Very kind regards!
Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
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