[Dillo-dev] Secure: yes, Though Features Missing; and Bugs

miroslav.rovis1 at zg.ht.hr miroslav.rovis1 at zg.ht.hr
Wed Apr 1 22:35:13 CEST 2015


To me it is most important to avail myself of the security that dillo
pretty much provides to me.

What I can say, and recommend to anybody who has problems with `bulk
collection' that they see in typical kind of actions deployed inside or
on the way to, or on the way from, their machines... Sadly with `bulk
collection' (previously known as `mass surveillance'; it comprises data
harvesting and more) often go even worse kind of actions in
privacy-repressive regimes: intrusions, even attacks...

What I can say, is: I have so much fewer cases of the aforementioned
issues when browsing with dillo, then I do when I have to, due to
Javascript haven't yet been implemented in dillo, [than when I have to]
use SchmoogleFox. So much fewer of those kind of problems!

And yes, the Google, the Octopus of the Internet and the Surveillance
Engine of the World, yes the Schmoog is sitting in the Firefox, in most
of the regular users' machines who little depart from default
configuration, and I don't think Mozilla harvesting itself can be easily
disabled (you may remove direct Google harvesting/spying/other, but the
Mozilla cloud is there, rest assured, for Google to use, fully!), and
you can not, not that I know of an easy way --disprove me somebody!--
easily disable harvesting in Firefox...

The security of dillo is generally such that I can usually rest calmly
when I browse with dillo.

And so I can recommend dillo to anybody who has problems with
censorship, and when censorship of an oppressive regime is revealed,
usually some kind of intrusion attempts, and/or attacks, are made
against the one who managed to reveal it.

To see more in depth about this claim of mine, read about dillo in the
topics where I mention it on Gentoo Forums (just search for `dillo'):
Updating and keeping your Gentoo non-poetterized
https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-1012022-start-0.html (currently
three pages, dillo mentioned in 1st and 2nd.

Before I close this first message, I'd like to show you this page where
I demonstrated not just how the first Firefox harvest looks like on a
Chinese style censorship deployed on dissenters in Croatia (that part is
already posted:
Google - can not open any link - malware ??
but that topic I plan to improve adn add more content to yet)

You can see that while I'm not really a programmer, I dabble with some
ideas. This is my proposal for a program:

I've been having censorship and related issues for really quite a number
of years, By this current stage in my necessity-imposed research about
it, I'm just about always traffic capturing when online, and you can
find real and undeniable clickjacking and other intrusions (and learn
about the Chinese style censorship and more; but, WARNING, the
presentation is not so well made, and is unfinished) at: 

Postfix smtp/TLS, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, Censorship/Intrusion

I believe that an objective reader, with a little time to read from my
research there, can see that my praising of dillo is based on my
sufficient understanding and experience.

I really wish that you dillo developers may gather enough developer
power to make dillo happen in the sooner rather than later future, much
more capable than it already is. I can imagine what tremendous work
creating and developing of a browser is!

With that aim and wish in mind, I'd like to write and send another
message about another buggish behavior in dillo.

But in this message I can explain more about what I wrote on page 2nd of
the topic already mentioned:
Updating and keeping your Gentoo non-poetterized:
> Other then one thing. dillo, which I used, has a little problem with
> cache, that can be easily circumvented, but the user needs to remember
> to refresh the page, and I inadvertently lost a little text... 

The above behavior occurs sometimes on my system, it occurs rather
erratically, but rather often, when posting on Gentoo Forums. Not when
posting a completely new post, but after editing an already existing

It is easy to circumvent it, by simply, after having posted the
previously edited post in question, refreshing the page which the post
appears in. You can often see text literally changing upon refreshing

The bug often occurs `in reverse', concerning posting. What I mean, is
if you open a post for at least the third time --yes it must be a
problem related to dillo caching; I understand so much even though I'm
not a programmer, but just an advanced user-- so [if you open a post for
the third time for editing], unless you refresh the editing texarea, in
the same fashion: by clicking on the "Reload" button, you miight find
yourself inadvertently to be editing the text that you posted the time
before last, and not the immediately previous edit to this third edit of
that text (even though the last text, the immediately previous, has,
obviously, also been already committed, and should have been shown to

The other bug, or is it my misconfiguration, or is it something else,
I will try and write about in my next post.

I sure will try and prepare the next message sson, and send it in a
matter of hours or maximally a day or two. But if it does not arrive,
the likelihood is that it is waiting for spies at my providers' to read
it, and decide whether to send it on, or filter it out and not send it
to dillo mailing list at all.

Should the latter happen, pls. find that message at not much later time
than maximally a day or two from now, in the topic 
Google - can not open any link - malware ??
surely, as a new post (which will, in that case, be yet to be written
and posted there), and share the link with others on this list, please).

(This note NOT related to dillo: Censorship is really a hard issue to
overcome. Have a look at:
Recover partly overwritten luks volume?
--even though I praised dillo in that topic too-- nobody helped me

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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