[Dillo-dev] JavaScript support experiment

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Thu May 14 20:35:10 CEST 2009

Hello all

After I successful build and running dillo-2. I pay more attention on how JavaScript support on dillo.
There are some discussion on mailing list and useful information.


As dillo is fast and small footprint. Things like JavaScript should not be affect overall performence.

What we need ?
1.JavaScript parse engine.
I personally prefer SEE (simple ECMAScript Engine).
Light weight and seems maintained

2.Document Object Model.
We have to all objects and that's relate with engine and browser.
An really huge task ...
More important how to combine it into dillo ?
hard code into or by DPI ?

As I'm new to dillo, I don't know you guys interesting about this.
So I decide to do an small experiment to implement JavaScript support with libSEE + Boehm-GC. 
Get patch here



Modify configure.in to check libsee and gc

DOM Supports

document.[form name].length
document.[form name].method
document.[form name].reset()
document.[form name].[input name].value

Input HTML scripts and *.js from url

run onClick script before submit


Take it as an study case. Any discussion & suggestion is welcome


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