[Dillo-dev] a list of what dillo2 runs on

Larry Moore ljmoore at wightman.ca
Sun Nov 16 13:27:12 CET 2008

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 02:24:21AM +0000, corvid wrote:
> I want to get the status of everything in order to update
> http://www.dillo.org/Compatibility.html for dillo2.
> Linux x86 - works
> DragonFlyBSD - works
> Linux x86-64 - Justus was and is making snapshots, but I don't know whether
>                he uses them much.
> Solaris 10 - Justus reported that it was running, but I believe it was just
>              a quick test.
> OSX - Jorge reports that it works but is currently flaky.
> *BSD - Some of the mailing list traffic in October was devoted to getting
>        them working. Presumably it would have been mentioned here if they
>        had stopped working since, but...
> other - no idea.
> Looking back at what I just wrote, let me clarify that I meant that
> dillo2-on-osx is flaky, not that Jorge is flaky :)

Debian Linux m68k works (cvs 14 Nov 2008)

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