[Dillo-dev] Dillo screenshot on my ipaq

Andreas Kemnade akemnade at tzi.de
Mon Feb 18 17:22:56 CET 2008


On Sat, 9 Feb 2008 12:57:33 -0300
Jorge Arellano Cid <jcid at dillo.org> wrote:

>   Please  excuse  my  lack of knowledge on the iPAQ. Whad does it
> involve to get dillo2 running on it?
You need somehow a build environment for it. mainly it is about compiling
binutils and gcc with --target=arm-linux and installing the familiar packages (including dev-packages)
 for the required libraries into the search path of the compiler. And a pkg-config with
the correct paths compiled in is also helpful (name it arm-linux-pkg-config)
And then it is time to compile fltk, dw and dillo with ./configure --host=arm-linux
and pay attention that it uses correct paths for every library.
And then it is the usual make && make DESTDIR=/somewhere/ install for dillo2.
In /somewhere/ you can build a tarball of the installed files and unpack it
on the ipaq.

I have not looked into package creation yet, but the packet format looks the same
as for debian just with another suffix (an ar archive which contains a data.tar.gz (with the real data,
a control.tar.gz which some control information like dependencies and install scripts)
  and another file used as a marker, older versions of familiar seem to bind the
three files together as a gzip'ed tarfile). But I'll try to find something 
out about it.

Andreas Kemnade

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